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Immigration Lawyers in Sydney You Can Trust

Information about Same-Sex Partner Visas in Australia At Dowson Turco Lawyers, we often receive questions about immigration visas in Sydney for same-sex couples. The following information answers many of these frequently asked questions and provides information about Sydney immigration lawyers for those who need assistance completing the process or encounter problems with their applications.

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De Facto Relationships and Family Law Services

Questions about De Facto Relationships and Family Law Services? Solicitors at Dowson Turco Lawyers in Sydney Can Help De facto relationship laws in NSW cover division of property, maintenance, financial agreements, and the superannuation of individuals in these relationships. Under the Family Law Act, de facto couples have the same distribution of property rights as

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LGBT Legal Advice

Travel Information and Finding a Sydney LGBTI Advocate or Immigration Lawyer LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) travellers face unique challenges when travelling overseas. Attitudes and laws in many countries can have an impact on convenience and safety of travel. Different countries have different legal protections. For example, many countries do not recognise same-sex

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LGBT legal service Sydney

LGBT immigration lawyer Sydney Are You Looking for LGBT Legal Service in Sydney? Contact DTL for an LGBT Advocate, Immigration Lawyer, and more Thousands of Australian couples are victims of discrimination every day. Same-sex families and couples are often denied basic work-related and financial entitlements that most conventional families and couples take for granted.

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