Property Law

Property Law

Simplifying the complex world of property law

The Dowson Turco property law team has decades of experience between us, and has acted in thousands of transactions across Australia. We are proud to say we have acted in all states and territories with respect to real estate transactions, for purchasers and sellers of small and large real estate, including commercial real estate and company title lots.

We act on purchases or sales of both existing and off-the-plan properties, first home purchases, commercial buyers and sellers of property, leasing tenants and landlords, and property investors.

You should speak to us not just about what you want to buy, but how and under what legal structure. Use our expertise to ensure your decision is legally sound and beneficial to your short- and long-term plans.

Purchasing and selling

Buying and selling real estate is easier than ever, with an online settlement scheme like PEXA.

However, buying and selling property carries risk, and you should speak to us about any prospective sale or purchase, ensure you have undertaken due diligence, have spoken to your bank or financial institution, and have sought advice from your accountant. 

Our property lawyers will work closely with all parties involved, to aim for a smooth, painless transaction.

Talk to us about buying or selling your next property, and ask us about online lodgments and the online title system.


Retail and commercial leasing is a headache for tenants and landlords. Power dynamics, commercial demands and the economic environment also affect negotiations and terms. Let us help you by reviewing the property’s features, advising you on draft leases, negotiating more suitable terms and settling (and registering) final leases.

Property disputes and negotiations

Unfortunately, property disputes and negotiations can arise at any time across both residential and commercial matters alike. We work with our clients to keep their property assets stable and protected, protecting their interests within any conflicts that arise.

We provide advice and support for owners, tenants, landlords, agents, buyers, sellers, and body corporates across all kinds of property matters. With a rich body of experience across a wide range of property dispute matters, our advice is tailored to the needs and objectives of each of our clients, providing expert legal services that protect their ongoing capacities and investments.

Review, advice and negotiations on building and renovation contracts

Dealing with builders and tradies can be stressful. Renovating is expensive and the international environment can affect the trade workforce and material prices.

Building and renovation contracts are highly regulated, but give rise to risk and should be negotiated, reviewed and settled by property and construction lawyers. 

We offer advice and legal representation across all areas of building and construction law, drawing on decades of experience working in residential and commercial construction disputes.

By reviewing contracts before they’re agreed, we’re often able to save our clients a world of pain, identifying poor definitions, loose deadlines and onerous terms, before they inflict damage. 

We can also provide strategic support across negotiations related to new builds or renovations on existing properties. Talk to our commercial team about your circumstances and let us support you with forensic legal minds and diligence.

Business purchases, sales and mergers

Our experienced legal practitioners play a vital role in assisting our clients through business purchases, sales and mergers. With a wide range of legal and structural considerations, we bring expertise that is necessary across every element of a change in business ownership or business expansion. 

We decipher the many Australian legal rules and regulations associated with business sales and purchases, ensuring compliance within all industry and legal frameworks. We advise clients who are preparing for a business sale, as well as those looking to acquire an operation.