LGBT Legal Advice

Travel Information and Finding a Sydney LGBTI Advocate or Immigration Lawyer

LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) travellers face unique challenges when travelling overseas. Attitudes and laws in many countries can have an impact on convenience and safety of travel. Different countries have different legal protections. For example, many countries do not recognise same-sex marriage, even viewing same-sex relations as a crime – one that can carry severe consequences.

What to Do Before You Travel

Make sure that you prepare for your travels with the knowledge you need about the country you are visiting, specifically information relating to LGBTI travellers. If you are transgender, update your passport to avoid confusion upon entering another country with a passport name and photo that do not correspond to your gender presentation. Take all essential documents with you, including health and legal documents and custody or parentage documents if you are travelling with children, for example. Contact a Sydney LGBT immigration lawyer if you aren’t sure what you need. You may also want to purchase travel insurance in case you have a costly emergency.

While You’re Abroad

First and foremost, know and adhere to the laws of the country you’re visiting. Be aware that even consensual same-sex physical relations or distributing pro-LGBT material may be unlawful. Be on the lookout for potentially risky situations, and avoid excessive physical displays of affection, especially if you are in a more conservative area. It’s a good idea to be wary of newly-made friends, who could be criminals attempting to extort you.

Other Issues

There are a range of other issues beyond preparing your documents and travelling safely. Many LGBTI couples and families face challenges specific to their orientation in certain situations, such as living abroad, obtaining a visa, adopting children overseas, registering the birth of a child born overseas, and surrogacy. If you are unsure of a particular situation and need help determining how to proceed safely, you can obtain Sydney LGBTI legal advice from DTL.

Your Sydney LGBT Advocate: DTL

At DTL (Dowson Turco Lawyers), we are a team that comprises highly competent conveyancers practising in all states and territories in the areas of commercial, property, criminal, immigration, family, employment, wills and estates, and probate. Our practice is in Newtown, the heart of the inner west, and we service the inner west as well as the greater Sydney area. Our Newtown-based lawyers make it a top priority to provide support to the LGBTI community and can help with issues such as family law issues, legal issues related to same-sex relationships, visa refusal, and more.

If you feel you have received unfair or unlawful treatment, contact DTL. When it comes to Sydney LGBT immigration, travel, family law, and other issues, we’re your number-one advocate. We maintain an exceptional focus on detail and ensure that our clients are well-prepared for every phase of the legal process. Do you need legal advice from a lawyer you can trust to protect your best interests when it comes to LGBTI issues? Contact DTL today and see why we have a reputation as top LGBT advocates in the area.