LGBT Discrimination at Work

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The LGBT community experiences more discrimination than almost any other group of people in the world. Many LGBT individuals report facing discrimination in hiring, pay, and promotions. The problem is often that many people continue to judge LGBT employees based on their gender identity and sexual orientation, factors that do not affect the person’s ability to perform their job duties well.

Common LGBT Issues in the Workplace

One of the most significant problems the LGBT community faces in the workplace is the lack of legal protection. In some countries, such as India, same-sex relations remain illegal, rendering it impossible to provide LGBT employees with legal protection. In other countries, companies are legally allowed to fire employees for being transgender. LGBT workers also face a high level of discrimination when it comes to job interviews, making job searching more challenging than it is for non-LGBT workers.

Also, many LGBT employees feel fearful that if they are “themselves,” there might be consequences such as losing connections with colleagues or being denied opportunities for advancement. Many talented LGBT employees have left jobs because they felt that the work environment was unwelcoming; some feel the need to lie about their personal lives. A staggering number of LGBT employees report receiving mistreatment at work.

Progress continues around LGBT rights, but many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people still fear that revealing their true gender identity or sexual orientation at work will bring negative consequences. Ongoing discrimination and harassment are even more of an issue for transgender employees than for lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals – but this entire community deals with a higher level of discrimination than most other people at work, and this must change.

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If you are receiving unfair treatment at work or finding that your sexual orientation matters more to your employer than your skills, experience, or job performance when it comes to your pay or promotion opportunities, contact a Sydney discrimination attorney at DTL. When choosing Sydney employment discrimination lawyers, it’s essential to find an attorney who can empathise with your situation and the challenges you face. That’s why DTL makes sense for you – we’re openly and proudly gay owned and operated, and most of our talented team members are gay. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to employment, and it’s our passion to make sure that people of all gender identities and sexual orientations receive the same rights at work as everyone else.

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