Employment + Discrimination

Employment + Discrimination

Fighting for the rights of employees and employers alike

The world of employment and discrimination law is nuanced and complex. It’s why our team of expert legal practitioners draw on decades of best-practice legal services and a strong track record of favourable outcomes to help our clients navigate through the unknowns.

Employment contract drafting, advice and disputes

From basic terms regarding scope of duties, to more complex terms relating to when and how an employee or employer can terminate the employment relationship, it is critical to seek advice from commercially savvy and experienced employment litigators.

Dowson Turco’s employment lawyers has acted for employees suing for unfair dismissal, adverse action, breach of contract, and discrimination, with huge success.

Our commercial lawyers have also acted for international companies defending unfair dismissal and adverse action claims, again, with enormous wins.

Talk to us about:

  • negotiating and drafting employment contracts;
  • making unfair dismissal and adverse action claims;
  • making and defending breach of contract claims;
  • disputes involving the definition of contractors and employees; and
  • workplace policies

Employment contracts and disputes

With Australia’s employment and labour laws creating a complex legal environment, we provide integral support to employment contract drafting, advice and disputes. Our legal services support our clients in building and maintaining workplaces that consider every element of the employment lifecycle, from recruitment, through maintenance and management, as well as termination. 

With comprehensive, considered and customised employment contracts, workplace policies and guidelines, many workplace legal issues can be avoided before they become a challenge. We provide the necessary framework for the anticipation and resolution of workplace management issues.

Industrial disputes

The world of industrial and employment law can feel overwhelming – our empathetic, nuanced advice makes it easier for our clients to navigate through industrial disputes and matters. Our experts in industrial and employment law often navigate industrial and employment disputes, including responses to unfair dismissals and adverse action claims. 

We act on behalf of both employers and employees who find themselves in the midst of industrial disputes, looking to achieve favourable outcomes through strategic and extensive solutions. Whether you find yourself on the receiving end of an industrial dispute claim or looking to stand up for your rights against a larger employer, you’ll find the support you need for swift and effective action with our team.

Workplace and other discrimination

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination can affect anyone, no matter their seniority or industry. Our team of passionate legal practitioners have a rich history of successfully representing clients who have experienced discrimination because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, disability and more. It’s important as an employee to know your rights – and even more important that your rights are protected in the case of illegal discrimination. 

Our clients include full-time, part-time, casual employees, apprentices, trainees, contractors and alike – everybody has the right to safety and respect within the workplace.

Awards and workplace agreements

With a complex Australian employment system, it’s no surprise that employers may regularly find themselves navigating complicated awards and workplace agreements. Our thorough, pragmatic and strategic advice offers a comprehensive solution to necessary awards and workplace agreement considerations, including employee classifications, minimum rates of pay, applicable penalty rates, leave entitlements and more. 

We also bring extensive experience to employers who are being investigated or prosecuted by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Our strategic legal services can streamline the process of responding to FWO processes and considerations.