LGBTQIA+ community and the law


Our first-hand experience makes a world of difference.

As a proudly and openly gay-owned and operated law firm with a majority of LGBTQIA+ staff, Dowson Turco Lawyers are able to genuinely support our LGBTQIA+ clients. We understand your relationships because they reflect our own.

Durston Turco Lawyers was founded by Stacey Dowson and Mary Turco, who are both members of the LGBTQIA+ community themselves. They bring first-hand experience and decades of passionate advocacy to the foundation of our work and team. 

Our reputation precedes us when it comes to approaching even the most complex legal issues with a nuanced balance of skill and sensitivity. We’re able to do this not only because of our experienced, enthusiastic practitioners, but because our own experiences shape a rich context in support of our work.

Proactively fighting for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community

Australia continues to experience a shift in how our LGBTQIA+ community members are respected via equal opportunity, legal protections and cultural discourse. 

Up to 11 in 100 Australians have a diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014), 6 in 10 LGBTQIA+ community members experiencing verbal homophobic abuse, 2 in 10 experiencing physical homophobic abuse, and transgender men and women experience even higher rates of non-physical and physical abuse. Behind each of these statistics are humans who we work to support through committed, tenacious legal services. We’re driven to build favourable results that reflect the equal and intrinsic value of all humans.

A team that’s committed to learning and development

While our firm is comprised of extensively skilled practitioners and lawyers, we continue to invest in our staff regularly in order to serve our clients as comprehensively as possible.

We support numerous community events and causes that allow us to lend our legal expertise to the promotion of LGBTQIA+ rights via the programs and initiatives of multiple partner agencies.

No compromises on quality

When you engage Dowson Turco Lawyers, you’re engaging professionals who bring genuine understanding to your relationships and experiences. We’re driven by empathy as we work tirelessly to ensure your rights are honoured and upheld.

These values are reflected in the long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships we’ve built with many of our clients. It’s our privilege to continue to provide invaluable legal support to them as they navigate through life’s seasons, challenges and opportunities.