Need an Age Discrimination Lawyer?

Dowson Turco Lawyers Can Help with an Employment Discrimination Attorney in Sydney to Handle Work Issues Related to Age

Concern about the impact of Australia’s ageing population on the workforce has become more prominent in recent years. The issue is high on the agenda for policy-makers and academics alike, particularly the issue of age discrimination. Age discrimination at work is not only a systemic problem but also a barrier to quality of life and human rights. It’s clear that protection from discrimination such as a discrimination attorney in Sydney is essential in many cases.

Legal protections in place

There exists in Australia a legal framework for the protection of workers against age discrimination. It is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on age. Hiring and firing, promotion, transfers, terms and conditions of employment, and training are all areas where age discrimination can be an issue. If you believe you have been a victim of age discrimination or experienced unfair treatment because of age, employment discrimination lawyers in Sydney such as those at DTL can help.

Workplace barriers

The number of people in the Australian workforce aged between 55 and 64 years has grown significantly over the last few decades. Furthermore, the number of workforce participants aged over 65 years is expected to rise. Part of the reason for this projected increase is Age Pension eligibility criteria. It’s clear that people are working longer as the workforce ages. Naturally, employers see maintaining productivity in older employees as an essential factor. However, this leads to additional challenges. These challenges include whether older workers can perform their duties safely and maintain their cognitive ability as well as addressing existing perceptions about their ability to adapt to workplace changes and what constitutes “appropriate” retirement age.

Age discrimination remains prevalent in Australia despite laws prohibiting it. Many older people experience some form of age discrimination, and some of these suffer negative consequences of the same. For those seeking employment, the situation is worse; many older people encounter discrimination in applying for jobs and negative perceptions of their existing skills and ability to learn.

Find a Discrimination Lawyer in Sydney

There have been many cases of age discrimination at work where breaches of the law have occurred and older workers’ rights upheld. These cases highlight pervasive negative perceptions of older people and their ability to work. A work discrimination lawyer in Sydney can provide legal protection from age discrimination and give employees the opportunity to seek redress and compensation for the discrimination. At Dowson Turco Lawyers, we understand the challenges older people face in the workplace due to prejudices and perceptions about their professional abilities. We are hopeful that light will continue to be shed on this important issue and barriers will continue to be removed. In the meantime, we can provide an attorney to assist you in upholding your right to freedom from discrimination. If you have received mistreatment at work based on your age, contact DTL today to see how we can help.