Commercial + Litigation

Commercial + Litigation

Expert commercial lawyers at your service

Dowson Turco commercial and litigation team works with sole traders, small and large businesses and not for profit organisations from the beginning of their enterprises through to growth and scaling. Our commercial lawyers:

  • Draft, review and advise on simple and complex shareholder and unit trust agreements;
  • Prepare variations to trust deeds;
  • Prepare privacy terms for product and service delivery in the age of big data and the risk of data breaches;
  • Advise on intellectual property, draft intellectual property licences and agreements, and register intellectual property with IP Australia.

Our ligation lawyers:

  • Assist individuals and businesses to make and defend civil claims including debt claims, employment claims, contract claims and human rights claims such as discrimination claims;
  • Advise clients on Local Court, District Court and Federal Court procedure, alternative dispute resolution and interlocutory steps;
  • Represent clients in legal proceedings in all courts and tribunals in NSW under the federal jurisdiction.

Online Enquiry

Our obligation-free online system empowers you to see where you stand, allowing you to make a start on your legal enquiry in your own time and space.

Property Litigation

Obtain strategic, timely and technical advice and representation in property transactions and disputes. If you’re experiencing a property-related legal matter that’s taken a turn into unforeseen territory, our very experienced team can help you navigate property disputes.

Our commercial lawyers can act for you in relation to:

  • Equitable and contract disputes involving real estate;
  • strata disputes; and
  • developer disputes.

Our commercial lawyers have relationships with some of the best barristers at the NSW commercial bar, and strive to resolve disputes before they become the subject of severe acrimony and hard-fought litigation.

But, if litigation is the only route to resolution, our commercial lawyers will structure arguments and commence interlocutory proceedings to boost your claim(s) and/or defence(s). We will act fiercely to seek appropriate orders.

Shareholder Agreements

Structure your company to ensure smooth operations, resolution of disputes internally and to minimise the risk of costly litigation.

Shareholder and unit holder agreements are bibles. They are the playbooks for a company’s operations when shareholders come into the business, and leave the business. Agreements also set out the powers of shareholders compared to the powers of directors, and who can appoint whom to the board of the company.

Our AI tool helps us prepare shareholder and unit trust agreements at a fraction of the usual costs for such documents.

Let us help you, whether:

  • You are a founder seeking to grow the shareholder or unit base;
  • You are an employee moving into a director role holding shares or units;
  • You are a company with shareholders or unit holders in a dispute (or a shareholder in a dispute with a company or another shareholder or unit holder); or
  • You are a company without a shareholders or unit holders agreement, looking to codify the relationships of shareholders and directors.

Debt Claims

Dowson Turco Lawyers will give you immediate assistance in navigating a debt claim or debt-related disputes.

Sometimes debts are grounded in a written contract, but often they are the subject of oral agreements which may be complicated by a difference of party views as to terms.

With a proven track record of defending and also recovering debts for both individual and commercial clients, our commercial lawyers have delivered significant returns. We draw on a wide range of strategic tools to work towards a swift and favourable resolution, looking to resolve matters in a pre-court settlement wherever possible, but also acting to enforce matters in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, where needed.

Trade Marks

Without intellectual property law advice, you risk your hard-earned work being used by competitors or other people and organisations.

Our commercial lawyers advise on copyright and trade marks (including registration of trade marks and making and defending trade mark claims), as well as creating and protecting confidential information and trade secrets.

With commercial intellectual property law experience across both small and large clients, our commercial team can help you structure your intellectual property and protect it for the benefit of owners.