Own a strata unit and see cracked walls, leaking ceilings, shoddy paint work or structural defects? You are not alone

Earlier this year a good friend and loyal client of DTL’s contacted us to tell us there was a structural problem in her apartment block.

Our client had bought a strata unit off the plan in the inner west of Sydney. The building leaked, there were cracks appearing in walls, and there was shoddy painting and finishing work throughout the entire block.

Get an expert

DTL took the call and launched into action. We immediately brought two of Sydney’s best-qualified strata experts onsite to check the scope of repairs that were needed to rectify the works.

Angled apartments
Angled apartments by Toms Baugis Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Make sure you are in time

The strata owners had a strict timeline to make their claim, being two years from the date of completion. With the tireless work of the strata committee, all of the units were inspected and their case against the developer was filed in court within time.

Try and resolve the dispute out of court to save money

The builder has now agreed to come back onsite, talk with the owners and their experts, and see if the defects can be resolved without the intervention of the court. If negotiations fail, DTL will prosecute the owners’ claims.

Dowson Turco Lawyers’ property team is on hand to help with strata litigation and dispute resolution

DTL’s property team can help you with your strata and community title matter too. We can assist with drafting and enforcing by-laws, dealing with difficult strata managers, short term letting issues, recovery of overdue levies, guidance to new strata committees and much more.

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