Navigating Surrogacy In Australia

Many Australians dream of parenthood, however, there are a number of factors that can be prohibitive, including rising cost of living expenses and medical hurdles. Surrogacy is a growing area of assisted reproduction in Australia, particularly for the LGBTQIA+ community, single parents, and couples who cannot conceive. But surrogacy can be difficult to navigate, particularly when so many emotions are involved and the legal process requires patience and resources. It can, at times, feel like a maze and can certainly be overwhelming. Our job is to make the process easier, and we do this by walking side-by-side with our clients pursuing surrogacy.

One particularly awe-inspiring surrogacy story is that of recent new parents Michelle and Jono Harley, who shared their miraculous surrogacy journey on ABC’s Australian Story. Their road to parenthood faced hurdles early on, as Michelle knew at a young age that she would have trouble conceiving. After several unsuccessful rounds of IVF and a devastating miscarriage at 19 weeks, the couple decided to consider surrogacy. Remarkably, Michelle’s mother, Jasmina, and Jono’s sister, Sophie, stepped in as potential surrogates, providing the opportunity for happy and healthy children (there were two!) to be born only seven weeks apart. This joyous outcome is a prime example of the incredible possibilities of surrogate parenting, even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

Here is a brief outline of the surrogacy process in Australia:

DTL can support you in this process by providing legal advice and drafting parentage applications and required affidavits to ensure that your surrogacy journey is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

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