Jaywalking operations in Sydney are becoming more popular

Jaywalking operations in Sydney are becoming more popular. At the time of writing this article the general rule is you’re not jaywalking if you cross within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing when the lights show green.

But there are lots of other rules you should be aware of:

Again, at the time of writing this article, regulation 230 of the Road Rules 2014 (NSW) says:
A pedestrian crossing a road:
  • must cross by the shortest safe route, and
  • must not stay on the road longer than necessary to cross the road safely.

Maximum penalty: $2,200 (being 20 penalty units) but a fine is typically issued and that fine is presently $72.00.

However, if the pedestrian is crossing the road at an intersection with traffic lights and a pedestrians may cross diagonally sign, the pedestrian may cross the road diagonally at the intersection.

Regulation 231 of the NSW Road Rules 2014 states that a pedestrian can only start crossing at pedestrian lights if the light is green.

So, if while crossing the lights turn red or flash red, you must “not stay on the road for longer than necessary”.

The fine for disobeying this rule is between $72.00 (if you accept the ticket) and $2,200 if you choose to fight the case in court and lose.*

No pedestrian lights available?

Regulation 232 says that if you can’t find pedestrian lights you can cross at traffic lights if the traffic lights are green in your direction or flashing yellow, or there is no red light showing. Obviously you should be checking for traffic at all times.

If you cross at traffic lights that are red or yellow the fine is $72 (if you accept the ticket) or up to $2,200 if you go to court to fight it and lose.*

The 20 metre rule

Regulation 234 says a pedestrian breaks the law if they cross a road within 20 metres of a crossing (that is, 20 metres from where there are traffic or pedestrian lights) unless the pedestrian is:

  • crossing, or helping another pedestrian to cross, an area of the road between tram tracks and the far left side of the road to get on, or after getting off, a tram or public bus, or
  • crossing to or from a safety zone, or
  • crossing at an intersection with traffic lights and a pedestrians may cross diagonally sign, or
  • crossing in a shared zone, or
  • crossing a road, or a part of a road, from which vehicles are excluded, either permanently or temporarily.

A pedestrian more than 20 metres from a crossing must not stay on the road longer than necessary.

At the time of writing this article the offence by ticket is a fine of $72 and up to $2,200 if contested in court and you lose.*

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*At the time of writing this article