Dowson Turco and the LOVE Project celebrate LGBTQA+ elders at the LOVE Social Celebration

LGBTQA+ elders joined Dowson Turco Lawyers and the LOVE Project for the inaugural LOVE Social Celebration at the Beresford Hotel on 18 October 2022.

Over 100 people came together for a three-course sit down dinner, speeches and entertainment, with a focus on love and socialisation of the LGBTQA+ community.

Dowson Turco Lawyers partner, Nicholas Stewart, congratulated ACON NSW on its first LOVE Social event:

“We are all conscious of the prevalence of mental health in our community. We are at risk of isolation, a leading cause of depression. Feelings of despair or worthlessness are common when a person lives in isolation. ACON is combatting this by fostering socialisation, to allow people to feel loved and valued. This event creates a sense of belonging, which we know means that we have people who we can turn to share life’s ups and downs. Those of us who have lost a close friend or a partner particularly need to belong.”

Dowson Turco Lawyers recognises the critical issues affecting our community including self-esteem and purposeful living.

Stewart continued: “A place to go, an important task to complete, people to see or help, gives us purpose. A social life gives us a good reason to get up in the morning and the connections we have with others create meaning in our lives, giving us fulfillment. Dowson Turco Lawyers is proud to sponsor this event, and to continue on a journey of support for the LOVE Project. We want our community to maintain its sense of self-regulation, its love and support for one another. We are in this together with you, so let’s  stay connected and grow together.”